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Bacon System

Precooking bacon in a microwave system is the most efficient and cost effective means of selling it by the slice. Machlett can configure a system to your needs.

Major high volume users of bacon, like Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's and Costco use precooked bacon as an efficient alternative to pan-frying it on site. A typical setup consists of a Grote High Speed Slicer (HS) with Accuband blades or a Thume IBS4600 Precooked Bacon Slicer and the microwave system itself. The pork bellies are sliced and the strips put on belts. Most systems employ microwave transmitters that deliver 600-800 kW per line, which enables the factory to process hundreds of thousands of bacon strips per shift.

Additionally, there are many brands of precooked bacon available across the country. Some of the more popular
brands are:

  • Smithfield
  • Hormel
  • Oscar Meyer
  • Daily
  • Farmer John

Many major grocery chains also private label their own precooked bacon. The microwave process diminishes water activity so the dried and vacuum packaged bacon enjoys an extended shelf life. A valuable byproduct is the bacon grease, which is categorized as a "No. 1 Grease," and is sold to commercial rendering companies.

Industrial microwave oven sizes include popular 36, 48, 52 and 80-inch wide units with the length dependent on the power level. The microwave transmitters, which are powered by a powerful magnetron tube, supply the energy to the cavities through waveguides. The waveguide utilizes E-sweeps and H-miters to transmit the energy.

Machlett has extensive experience in bacon processing and can configure microwave systems to provide the desired throughput for virtually any sized operation.

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