Microwave Oven Doors

Machlett has you covered when it comes to microwave oven access doors, offering both brand new doors of a superior design and premium quality refurbishment of existing units. Our improved mounting and sealing prevents premature failures common to competitor's older designs.

New Machlett Doors

  • Enhanced Food Grade Approved potting resists breakdown and replaces RED potting that can release harmful fumes when burned
  • Handles are welded (not bolted) in place for total reliability and eliminates chance of improper clamping or fastener cross-threading
  • Hinges designed to facilitate interchangeability. Pin-type assembly allows removal in seconds compared to a half-hour for others
  • Mounting plates are 50% thicker than competitive designs and won't bend and warp —which causes misalignment and leakage
  • New latch design replaces Brixon style latches on AMTek units and eliminates potential of energy leakage in the latch area
Machlett doors are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards as your assurance of quality. Compare their features to others and the advantages are obvious.
Re-Potted Doors
  • Old doors are completely stripped, cleaned and repaired where necessary
  • Re-potted using Enhanced Food Grade Approved material that's superior to the original and assures a longer service life
  • Typical re-potting jobs can be turned around inside of a week and at prices under $1500 per door. Contact Machlett offices for details
Remanufacture Magnetron Tubes

on site tech support iconON-SITE TECH SUPPORTMachlett personnel know your equipment, be it AMTek, Ferrite, Amana, Raytheon or others, and can keep your microwave systems working at peak efficiency. 24/7 technical support is available to keep you online.
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