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Circular Polarized Feed   
  • True circular polarity
    Competitors' designs have no circular polarity at all. They use just standard, rectangular waveguides that have no added rotation.
  • No moving parts
  • Reduced reflection
    The lowest measured power reflection of any feed in the industry, providing reduced cooling costs and improved heat delivery.
  • No frequency dependence
    Feed reacts uniformly to various signals, reducing the power reflection and high peak voltage patterns that exist with other polarized and rotary feeds.
  • Improved tuning
    Produces uniform electric fields and reduces the peak voltages that cause uniformity issues, arcing and half-cooked bacon strips.
  • Reduces arcing & burning
  • Lower maintenance costs
    Produces uniform electric fields and reduces the peak voltages that cause uniformity issues, arcing and half-cooked bacon strips.


Microwave Feeds

Rely On MACHWAVE™ Technology for Bacon and Tempering Systems. Circular Polarized Feeds Decrease System Arcs While Improving Heating Uniformity!

The MACHWAVE™ Polarized Feed is a refined circularly polarized high power microwave feed. Its design provides improved uniformity of the electrical fields by improving the overall microwave electrical characteristics of previous designs.

  • It is not frequency dependent like competitors
  • It has no moving parts like a rotary feed, but instead utilizes a phase changing electrical signal induced within the waveguide structure to rotate the energy
The rotation spins at the speed of the magnetron tube defined as 915 million times per second. Typical rectangular delivery systems have no rotational spin at all and "dump" the electrical energy directly into the cavity developing extremely high peak electrical fields.

Machwave's consistency eliminates the energy loss and uneven concentration of "peak electric field" found in all systems in operation today.

Remanufacture Magnetron Tubes
Rotary Antenna Feeds

Machlett also offers an improved generation of Rotary Antenna feeds, which employ solid copper shafts and are a far superior conductor than the brass, aluminum and copper tube employed by others. The improved tuning and matching characteristics make it a preferred rotary over the ones sold by AMTek. This reduces the arcing and burning effects inside the ovens and the melting of the circular dish antennas that is common with all AMTek feed designs.

Remanufacture Magnetron Tubes
New mounting flange design
enhances system integrity.
Tuned Rotary Feed for high
power 75 kW and above.
Improved tuning capability for
ultra high power rotary feeds.
Machlett Feeds Deliver Huge Savings!
Remanufacture Magnetron Tubes

Replacing competitor's rotary feeds on bacon and tempering systems with a Machlett Circular Polarized Feed will typically account for a 10-15% gain in the delivered power. This directly relates to a throughput improvement. It also eliminates all maintenance costs associated with the rotary feeds. On a typical bacon line these costs can be $100-$150,000 per year.

Machlett direct replacement rotary feeds have enhanced tuning and removable cavity mounting plates for improved maintenance access and lower repair costs. The solid copper shafts are far more efficient than brass shafts that are employed in the competitor's rotary feeds. This is crucial for optimum delivery of the microwave energy. You do not use brass to deliver electricity due to its inefficiency; why would you ever consider using it to deliver high power microwave "electric" energy?

Remanufacture Magnetron Tubes

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