History of Machlett
Other Industries

2450 MHz and 915 MHz and 40 MHz processing frequencies for a variety of industries including;

  • Sand Core Drying
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Asphalt Heating
  • Coal Drying
  • Sludge Drying
  • Spice Drying
  • Fuel Oil Dewatering
  • Plasma Processing
  • Computer Chip Microwave Process
  • Diamond Processing

Recent achievements in tumbling products while drying including wood chips and grain have produced higher yield results.

Microwave heating is not just for food processing. There are a variety of companies that produces products for the mining industry, paving industry, Sludge processing and a variety of International companies that all provide microwave transmitters and processing systems through distributorships.

Companies such as Aseptia, Cellencor, Marion Mixers, Burch Biowave. Biosolids, Biomass and bulk drying along with Pasteurization and Sterilization systems are all unique to a microwave processing technology.

Grupo Emex, Agro-3, Alfa Group, Stia, Prime Weindich and Fimach all have their ties in food processing but represent microwave processing technology throughout the world. Heated Vessel Systems and oil processing are other examples of microwave technology in use today. Rubber Vulcanization is achieved with 2450 MHz systems from producing rubber seals and gaskets for a variety of automotive and cement and plastic drain pipe sealing applications. There are recent opportunities in the medical and scientific industries for providing larger more powerful systems at a variety of frequencies not provided by many of these companies. Machlett is positioned itself to be able to service and support a variety of RF technologies of all types.

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