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We can rebuild AMTek and Spellman controllers or supply direct replacements.
Machlett Upgrades
A good example of Machlett upgrades can be found in this comparison of a new Machlett U.C. board (left) and an old U/C board (right). Note the Machlett U/C relay.

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Machlett Repair Services.

      Penta/Machlett is ISO 9001:2008 certified

      You'll find them to be the lowest in the industry

      Immediate shipping of replacement parts placed by 8 PM EST and
      48-hour turn-around for repair services. In many cases we will promptly
      ship from finished stock upon evaluation of a good repairable core.

      You'll find them to be the lowest in the industry

Machlett offers both direct replacement parts or upgraded components for Amana, Raytheon, AMTek or Ferrite tempering or cooking systems. Many of the older designs are upgraded to new PC boards for improved reliability. We offer a direct replacement for Spellman filament controllers used in Amana and Ferrite transmitters, as well as offering a flat-fee repair of Spellman power supplies, R/L and U/C boards that is relative to the quantity.

"Ballpark" Prices
Older magnetron tubes can be rebuilt to like-new specifications by the experts at Penta Labs (ISO 9001 certified). This includes utilizing a new Anode body (while competitors typically use the old bodies—which can have contaminated water jackets) and Machlett's improved ribbed design ceramic. No wonder Machlett rebuilt magnetrons are fast becoming the preferred choice in the industry.

on site tech support iconON-SITE TECH SUPPORTMachlett personnel know your equipment, be it AMTek, Ferrite, Amana, Raytheon or others, and can keep your microwave systems working at peak efficiency. 24/7 technical support is available to keep you online.
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